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Experiment carousel

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Oct-6-2017

We had a fantastic morning moving around different classes as part of our science carousel.








We carried out lots of different experiments.

Art Club

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Oct-5-2017

We have had fun creating trees in a cubism style





Wiggly Wild Show

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Oct-4-2017

We were lucky enough to be visited by the Wiggly Wild Show on Tuesday.  We had the opportunity to learn about the life cycles and habitats of lots of different animals and meet them too!


Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Oct-2-2017

This morning we carried out a plant survey using a quadrant.  We placed the quadrant in a grassy area and then identified the different plants we could see and estimated their percentage ground cover.  We then moved the quadrant to a contrasting area and repeated our survey.










Ancient Greek inspired art

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Oct-2-2017

We have been working hard to start our pottery! More pictures coming soon!










European Languages Day 2017

Posted by seabrookrainbowfish on Sep-26-2017

We saw a fantastic array of costumes on display in the hall this morning to celebrate European Languages Day 2017. Well done to all of you for an amazing whole school effort!


Athens vs. Sparta vs. UK government debate

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Sep-22-2017

This week in our History lesson we divided the class into three groups and discussed which style of government was the best! Athens vs. Sparta vs. current UK








Sparta had the most convincing arguments so were declared the winners today!


A great start to maths…

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Sep-15-2017

Swordfish children have been exploring place value in maths this week. They have been reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers up to ten million.


Story Mapping

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Sep-15-2017

This week we have begun to look at how authors create suspense and show that their characters are afraid.  Today we created story maps to help us retell the model text.


Tennis Fun!

Posted by seabrookswordfish2 on Sep-14-2017

Swordfish thoroughly enjoyed their first tennis session at Three Hills Sports Park today.

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They then went on to swim at Hythe Aqua, I’m sure they will all sleep well tonight!